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Emergency Alert Light


In an emergency situation, we can only have a short time to call for help.Existing emergency apps require lots of steps to trigger an emergency call.Emergency Alert is created for this reason.To trigger an emergency call, you only need to repeatedly, quickly hit the Home button exactly 2 times (configurable, max is 5) to call your predefined emergency phone number.
Emergency Alert also texts up to four predefined emergency phone numbers about the approximation of your current location.
Note: THIS VERSION IS FREE UNTIL OCT 1, 2017.After that, please upgrade to the PRO version.Your phone must be configured so after you hit the Home button, your phone must be powered up and active. That means your phone must not be password protected or screen locked and your Home button will power up your phone. Otherwise, you have to power upyour phone, unlock the screen before trying to trigger an alert.
Disclaimer: If you have enough time to dial 911, then go ahead to do so in emergency situation. Emergency Alert is by no means to replace the 911 call or any other emergency calls. Emergency Alert should be used as the last resort in emergency situation. Even though Emergency Alert has been heavily tested, I hold no responsibility if Emergency Alert does not work.